Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Sex A Disapointment?

Ok i know you guys like what side of the earth did you fall off Tony lol don't get me wrong I love sex I mean who doesn't right ? But wouldn't you say it can be disapointing when that is the first thing that happens in a relationship? Ok secenario your out here looking for a real relationship ok not a sexually driven relationship but a simple I love her he loves me kind of thing . You have been in relationships in the past that sex seem to happen to quick and it threw you off your horse would it disappoint you that the next man or woman you met you start off great start a relationship and in about a month into the relationship your waking up in bed next to your signifagent other with hand over your shaking your head like not this again. Well I will tell you what I think though I see nothing with geting on but its when you do it I mean lets behonest here there is this thing called maturity both have to be mature about what it is you all doing.

No lie if that is what you give any body in the begining thats what they are going to percieve the relationship as . Has this happen to me yeah and I will tell another thing that happens alot .

Wrong Message
Ladies if you send a guy your talking to a picture of your body or you in
some GREAT SCOTT!!! clothing within week or a month then your letting home boy know
its ok to flow. I know there will be a thats not true Tony about to accure so let me finish lol.

It is all how you present yourself I could go into what messages a man can send that is all he wants but ladies lets behonest here you have a 6th sense about that stuff.