Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear Mike

A fallen ICON

June 25th 2009 my best friend and I were at the gas station pumping our gas listening to the radio we found it odd that Michael was being blasted so much I thought maybe because of his new tour . Then as Troy and approached the parking lot of the comic book store the news said that Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50........ I broke down and so did Troy Im not ashamed to say that i did. This man was our Elvis this man was our entertainment nobody nobody could do it like Mike nobody... I have to get some things off my chest about this give the lost I found it odd that radio's TV station began to pay homage to the King Of Pop why does someone have to die for them to be of importance . Michael had his share of media and tabloids literally chewing and spitting him out. Out of bit of rage i had at the time i blame his death on that . My sister had to reassure me about his poor health not going to lie it is a sad truth. I havent cried over a celeberty since Aaliyah died and that then too was a major blow.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a boyfriend again!!!!

Never thought in a million years Id hear myself say that again wait wait i mean type any ways. Its crazy you know good crazy not bad i never took time to say hey ill be with someone soon lol the thought of going back out there and dating was scary i never been one to give myself any kind of hype well real hype lol i always looked at myself as a guy who is to short no slang talk no rough edge not much of a bad boy life style which all of those things i thought...... Oh yes and a preschool daycare teacher which has always been a constant worry for me when ever i would've met somebody lol so what do you do for a living?..... Um..... I am a preschool teacher ...... Oh how nice what school ?.... Daycare............................................ You see what i mean . But that was really back then and now i love that word now lol because i got the sweetest woman i call her name Connie i call her sweetheart literally it sounds corny but she always been a sweet person and she has always had a beautiful heart so with that being said thats how she got her name she calls her chocolate milk dud and honey bunches of oats still a wonder in my mind my guess is that she couldnt think of anything else to call me sorry sweetheart . It had always been a true question in my mind of my reason for being with her when ever someone would ask it seemed as if I couldnt come with anything better then she is sweet girl with a beautiful heart laaaaaaaaaaaame lol so i wrote her name in my book like a web if you will and i came up with some simple a beautiful day where her smile is my sun and her beauty is my breeze and the soft ground is her touch . I finally found happiness and im glad this i let i let it find me. Thank you sweetheart

Never Knew It Would Happen Again

First let me start off with hi how goes it ? It sure has been awhile well o make month story short I partied only once lost 6 pounds and got another invitation out of my folks house lol nothing bad well the whole being 22 living with the folks can be a bother sometimes but you role with the punches. There is alot to say since i have been on here 1. i no longer get message on my facebook other than the unwanted invatations from parties that i dont really have no need to really to go to you know. Another thing that drives me crazy is how everyone hold one min this is no sign of hating juice its just a bother to me and that being facebook thoughts or the question what are ou doing right now to me i think ppl take that out of context i know this one person who feels needs to share every min hold sec min, hour, and day that goes on in there lives sometimes i just what to get on there and just be like shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup lol its madening man .