Saturday, April 25, 2009

You miss me !!!!

It has been awhile hasn't it ? No I have not been on vacation I took some time to get my priorities in order wasn't as hard as I felt it would be I got a ticket for my dead tag car lol in the process but its all good well not really I'd love to have the opportunity to slap that officer in the faaaacccccceeee. You know i learned something its not hard to achieve anything in life you have want to apply yourself to everything you do life isn't easy unless you make it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Days I use to love you?

Ex boyfriends and Ex girlfriends some hold us back
some we let go but through all of that it is up to us yes?

There are many times in which they can't let go and that sucks
first you say nicely no!!!! then you say again no!!!! then again you say look foreal
ummmmm noooo!!!!!

But then there are some that we can let go but we choose not to
why? Do we think they might change? Maybe but who do they change for
themselfs or you? Or is it love? And this true about men and women
sometimes we can be grimey and keep them along for entertainment
or we can keep them along to sooth our ego or to show we have it like that.
I kid you not that happens to some if not many.

Its a sad case when you know that your feelings are no longer there and that person is desperatly in love with you. If you have one of those "BUGA POMP" you know the ones that call the cell 16 times saying "Yo baby I'm sorry" and for unlawful reason can't catch clue if it was a disease that your not into them anymore.

Or maybe lady that puts on my acts then a show at the APOLLO
about why you aren't together

People these are called "NEEDERS" they didn't want you
they needed you and thats a problem.

Another problem is that you keep going fishing in the same old pond
don't hate metaphor as corny and as cliche` as it may sound. If they can't change and you know he or her aren't trying. Then let them think for themselfs .

It pains us all to see them in the shape they are in and you might feel a bit responsible. But it is
for the best.

Oh Oh Love Stop Making a Idiot Out of Me!!!!

You ever been in a sticky "EX" situation? You don't know what an ''EX'' situation is? Ha Ha let me tell its simple when you and significant other are no longer together there is that time you have where you don't see each for a fairly long time until you see them out of the blue how do you react :

A. Go on about your way but say hi

B. Ask he or her out to dinner

C. Act as if they are not there

If you picked "A" good job that means that person was not a need
in your life more so a want

If picked "B" wrong well second thought it can be wrong or right
lets start the WRONG first pending on two things how you feel about the person
if your feelings are still there and theirs are not , not really a terrific look
second if you all did not end well not good combo there my friend
Here is the RIGHT .
There is no law in this world that says you can't take them out however be smart
and mature about your decision.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do's And Don'ts When Talking To A Lady

Everyday guys we suffer from what I like to call "WACK GAME" hear me out please I mean this with all sincerity I have seen this WACK GAME from guys from Yo Mama or whats good ma. Dude foreal how many Mama's do you need in life. So here some Do's Don'ts when talking to a lady.


Don't ever in your life make an attempt to use pick up lines my god
I believe women have them known all to well

Don't start off a conversation being the jerk you might not be one but
you are not giving any good tell tell signs of your character
of you truly are. And trust me women find that very immature

Don't over sell yourself
If your sentence begins with I and ends with Me she won't
like you . Don't get me wrong you got have confidence but let
don't let that kill you too.

Don't sugar coat about your job
If your a Man Secretary and making money doing it
by all means do you pimpin. But don't sit there and say what
you want to do lol .

Don't over express your opinion about her topic of choice
I will admit that has been a fault of mine lol .
If a woman tells you that she thinks football is overrated.
It is been said before it is best to agree then to disagree.

Don't come at a girl without these things
Good Head on shoulders
Most importantly personality.


Do be yourself my god if you know your not Usher nor LL or not
even remotely close try being you for 600 Alex

Do be a gentlemen at all times
I have to say some women unfortunately don't know this because they have not been shown
the ways of the Jedi.
Open doors , Say Hi and Bye, Stand when ever a she comes in the room, Give a compliment about hair even help with her chair treat her like a lady.

Do be honest
Tell the truth about yourself why you are talking to her
Don't Mili Vanili the girl ok .

Approach the girl with hello
Women hate :
Hey Ma (Even tho that was a mega hit in 2000 something)
Yo whats really good
they don't know whats good you could be talking about the sky all they know(not bashing you ladies)
Yo come here
you come there shoot she ain't Scooby
You know a simple hello how are you doing goes
a long way .

Ask her what she does
Its ok to ask about them just don't grill'em
Know that she must posses great qualities as well

Thank her
Corny maybe but she just gave 30 seconds to hours of her time
It shows good character and it also shows your taking to heart that
she is not into you lol.


The DMV it is the be all and end all of all cars here in VA sad to say they are well in my opinion are end all . From the long lines to the nasty asssociates (yeah I know extra "S" there but that's how I feel) to the 3 hour waits. We hate it . Like today I tried for the first time sad to say to get my now dead and still here tags on my car. I kindly stood in line thinking hey got just got paid i can knock this out be on my way home until I saw coke bottle glasses wonder behind the desk ........."DAMN" I thought let me tell you something ever since I was 16 this lady has been giving me so much agony i got arthritis in my eyes just looking at them big old glasses. So i "Pleaded my case" about my dead and still here tags . I gave her some cheap story you could buy at your nearest Walmart about have not driven the vehicle in a year do to "Maintenance issues" and the lady must've thought I was deaf or capable of not hearing when shouted out loud "WE GAVE YOU THIS LAST YEAR" It took god and my grandmother god rest her soul to not knock where she stood now I know that's not nice and I know "Tony why haven't you taken care of it?" I just haven't plain and simple . LoL but anyways of course she would give me a number that would not be called for another 3 hours so I walked out. Until next time uh hm tomorrow lol i will take care of this. But like i said DMV is a final resting place they ask everything from License of course heck they even ask this couple for their marriage license sick world we live in I tell you.

If i ever get rich so stinking crazy rich so rich when I go to use the bathroom I crap quarters Iam going to buy that DMV and the first thing I do Iam going to is ugh man just man I don't know what to say lol Iam just blowing hot air right now.

My Ways

Somebody once told me "You Know Tony where you are life might as well brake open a safe and pull a gun out and shoot yourself in the face... Wicked hit at my already low self-esteem lol . I can put that on my list of "The Worst Put Downs" I heard in life. Maybe that person was right well not about the whole gun thing I dont think the good lord has called my cell phone yet. I'm 22 years old key word old iam getting older. Some say Iam an over achiever i believe but growing up I never really heard to much encouragement now i didnt live in the slums of DC or slept in alleys eating porking beans(which are very nasty by the way). I had mom and dad who did their best for my sister and I . Who am I kidding Ive pretty much pist everything away except my dreams of being a WWE Wrestler or Radio Host lol those are only dreams . I need to make a dramatic change in life desperatratly. I cant stand being a bum on a illegal hitch hiker street buming a ride. Life Is So Great..... I think? lol Its funny when people tell you things that they think wow this might light a fire under Tony's butt . Yeah i fart on fires lol I had to say that. Iam keeping my ways because my ways keep me going. Do I sometimes fall off the band wagon yeah sometimes more then none but none the less I know what has to happen to make dreams reality. I know my purpose in life and that is entertain you all the people I cant think of any other job Iam good at besides my dreams I couldn't see myself in a cubacle no diss to my cubecal nation out there but yeah thats not me . Laughs and smiles fuel my spirit corny and cliche` i know but thats the way My Ways is.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies Cry In The Dark

If your a Tony head lol and you have read my blog I had posted on Myspace you would know what subject Iam getting into next.... As you all are aware of the media talking about the Chris Brown and Rhianna situation . Because of that one situation which I feel is a VERY BIG situation it brought light Young Domestic Abuse against women. Its out there folks and it is a subject more so hits the young community everyday. The Justice Department has estimated 90% of young women deal with this violence everyday and the sad part of it all is that 1 in 3 people know of someone that is in the same situation. Those are all facts. Now here comes Tony uh hm. This subject is something I feel so sadden about specially that it being done to women younger or older perhaps the same as I. It is a shame for any woman to come out of the dark and dry the tears and get help Iam working on developing an organization to help those women who are fighting this struggle. I believe a mans number one problem is their insecurities is a leading cause to alot of abuse,and jealousy is another one. Those are two important ones .

Ladies it is strength is so important to have within yourself
there is no such thing as I can't because you can. You owe a man two
things your love and support nothing else. If you allow him to have anything
else in your life other than those two things, such as your choice of friends family job . You have lost the battle. And your strength will stop like a heart attack.


We live in a democracy so there is no reason why
Joey Aint nothing should not be answering your phone or dictating who you are talking to.

Your reasons in life a.k.a. FRIENDS AND FAMILY
Do you let Johnny Aint great pick your life?
I'll take no for 600 Alex ladies and fellas too (just for this input only sorry guys)
The fact is known that friends and family alike were there before and will be there after
He is not FIDEL CASTRO he can not tell you it is time to go.


When I say the man Iam not talking about THE WHITE man Obama is in house so that
saying no longer exist .
Ladies no one in life can ever put a claim on you
You are not owned for Pete sake so get tattoo off your chest please
Unless Joey Aint tough is Christ the lord and can make water in to wine or
a cake into a shake don't let it happen to you.


This is self esteem talk so wake your self esteem up because if its asleep
that's open season for a Joey Has Nothing to lay his head down.

Ladies this goes with what i spoke about with strength
You can't let this happen if a you are on a 200
Johnny Hope has to be on a 200 too . Foundation is key to have with yourself
and him.

Hopefully you follow my keys they were funny I know but they are the god honest truth . Speaking of god ladies in the that abusive struggle he has not forgotten about you . Get help pray
it works because if it didn't well I wouldn't be making this blog which is wicked cool by the way (Thank You Lord) lol I got you laughing now but prayer is serious and through you will find will and strength to get help . This my vision and that is to reach out to those who need help ladies all races and backgrounds and religion. God knows the fight . This a number to call and to be dead honest with they don't even know my name nor know of my reason for doing all of this (funny right) (Shaking my head ) Anyways if you are in this struggle or if you know someone who is call this number 1800-799-SAFE (7233). And before I go like i stated before Iam trying to start an organization for this cause it is called W.D.H.A. (WOMEN DON'T HURT ANYMORE)

Stay True stay you

God's Greates gift .... A woman

I think well i believe at one time we as men would put women on a pedestal . We would open doors treat them with the up most respect help her with her light a cigarette if she would smoke (OK OK I know lyrics Treat Her Like A Lady Song) but past that what happen now a days we forget the importance of the well being. Every man knows the greatest gift that god made was two things and this just me life and a woman plain and simple yeah sure birds and bees and blah blah but no seriously that was a gift and now a days it seems that some women are losing there shine do to our behavior. In life we always been told to be a gentlemen its not corny its not weird its actually what some women now days only ask for . So please take out well heck time should not be of importance everyday be thankful for all the women in your life whether they are SISTERS,COUSINS,AUNTS,IN-LAWS,GRANDMOTHERS,STEP-MOTHERS,AND EVEN MOTHERS. Respect for all things in a woman should never ever go un looked . The greatest gift in this world ..... A woman

Good Bye Grandma Sept. 21, 1909 - Apr. 2, 2009

You started your day with a cup of coffee plain I might add and the Washington Post
You put your paper down when ever I would wake up you lean over chair and ask ...... "How's Grandma's boy!" I would reply "I'm good grandma I'm hungry". You were never mad at me for all the times I would jump off every piece of furniture you had in your house you would just say to yourself well I know what he is going to be when he grows... A wrestler. We would share joy never sadness we share positives never negatives we would share thoughts never setbacks you loved us all. However I heard you put in an application for heaven and I also found out you were hired . But the shame of it all was that you never put in your two weeks notice here. The shined bright the next morning I guess that was a sign that you had made it . I miss you so much grandma I love you today tomorrow and forever.

Your Grand boy(LiL Tony)

I Finally Got It 4/14/2009

Who in the world would've thunk it.. Tony Johnson Jr. my own blog happily in titled THEY LOVE ME THEY LOVE NOT the title fits well with my life trust me Iam loved one day and hated the next . In this blog I'll share my trials, ups, down, around, left, and right basically in a nut shell ... My life! Woo. This is not your daily gossip blog that stuff aint happening. On this blog I state my opinion on cetain topics so please down the guns and blades. This blog may impower you, entertain you, upset you, sadden you, and for the cub worker / office nation this is a great way to past the time I will write alot trust me . And if you ever want to drop I don't say like a note um maybe a letter e-mail prehaps? No pressure at all just feel free to email me and oh yeah e-mail is on the top so don't play dumb. But besides that enjoy .