Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not everyone is going to .... Um like it Tony

You ever felt you are at a constant battle with the with world's oppion about your life lol well I'm Tony Johnson Jr. and here is my story . I have to really get this off my chest since dating Connie things have peachy rosy lil bump in the road nothing personal between she and I in fact I really like Connie I do but there are alot of spectators if you will well aka haters that dont totally agree with our romance...... What else is new lol... It has always been a wonder to me why people smile then frown when you turn around . Connie is a mother a great mother i should say. With her dating me or me dating her all of the sudden becomes crazy taboo to people. Sadly to admit is that I actually almost gave in to the nay sayers and doubters corny line but to the creator of the Color Purple you can't sew me because this blog is non profit suckaaa but "All my life I had to fight" lol i did and i always gave in to what they said and made some baaaaaaad decsions because it Connie in due time I will share lol . But Connie is different I believe in her and I granted its only ..... been um... a month ... lol but joking aside I remember telling her how I felt that I was just a burden in her and I really felt that way because what people thought of her and I . But then I heard this song well Connie heard Anthony Hamilton no what the people say im going to love you anyway and a light went people in life are two things in my perspective haters and joyers . Haters are the ones that like to hear your doing good but better then them lol story of my life. Joyers thats a word I actually made that I should probally um get uh what do you call it Trade.....MMMarked... Ah! yes TM lol thanks Jesus but yeah those are the ones that are for what ever you do in life which in my relationship case not to many lol . But yeah thats the way life is your either hated or loved .

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  1. Who cares what the others think! It's more important that you are happy. You nor I are here to impress anyone but ourselves. Take their comments, concerns and suggestions lightly and move on. Trust me, things get easier when we look at it in that perspective!