Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trying on my father shoe

I am fortunate and heavily blessed to have had a father like mine he was always there for me through everything he took me anywhere i wanted as long as it was cheap lol. I could never thank him enough. Now its my turn and its not as easy . But I am not complaining lil story if you care read so the boy is teething yeah this boy is puting anything and everything he sees in sight in his mouth like for example my glasses he snatches right off my face when ever he gets a chance. He is a greetly lil something too lol just last week i was trying to feed small bites of his biscuit yes folks they make baby biscuits that sounds so doggish to me but any how like i was saying so im feeding the boy his num num lol and he wants to put the whole thing in his mouth i pull it out after connie gets done telling me You need to take parenting classes (yeah ok Miss dont you think it'd be nice for you and i to sighn up for parenting classes) ok so he begins to scream saying give me that now lol im thinking wow Connie this your child lol. He is going to be a lil heartbreaker because this boys attracts more attention from then i did his mannerism are still being worked he is a busy boy so wen ever he sees a woman he likes he'll smile then look at her good guys lol dont know where got that from. He is getting into this give me my food stage with the bottle he snatches the dag on bottle out of my hand all the time. These are tough shoes to wear not knowing a clue what to do lol have time for the most part you with the flow. It wont be easy and it wont be hard just as long as i keep in mind all the things my dad taught which were disaplint respect and mannerism.

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