Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a boyfriend again!!!!

Never thought in a million years Id hear myself say that again wait wait i mean type any ways. Its crazy you know good crazy not bad i never took time to say hey ill be with someone soon lol the thought of going back out there and dating was scary i never been one to give myself any kind of hype well real hype lol i always looked at myself as a guy who is to short no slang talk no rough edge not much of a bad boy life style which all of those things i thought...... Oh yes and a preschool daycare teacher which has always been a constant worry for me when ever i would've met somebody lol so what do you do for a living?..... Um..... I am a preschool teacher ...... Oh how nice what school ?.... Daycare............................................ You see what i mean . But that was really back then and now i love that word now lol because i got the sweetest woman i call her name Connie i call her sweetheart literally it sounds corny but she always been a sweet person and she has always had a beautiful heart so with that being said thats how she got her name she calls her chocolate milk dud and honey bunches of oats still a wonder in my mind my guess is that she couldnt think of anything else to call me sorry sweetheart . It had always been a true question in my mind of my reason for being with her when ever someone would ask it seemed as if I couldnt come with anything better then she is sweet girl with a beautiful heart laaaaaaaaaaaame lol so i wrote her name in my book like a web if you will and i came up with some simple a beautiful day where her smile is my sun and her beauty is my breeze and the soft ground is her touch . I finally found happiness and im glad this i let i let it find me. Thank you sweetheart

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