Sunday, June 28, 2009

A fallen ICON

June 25th 2009 my best friend and I were at the gas station pumping our gas listening to the radio we found it odd that Michael was being blasted so much I thought maybe because of his new tour . Then as Troy and approached the parking lot of the comic book store the news said that Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50........ I broke down and so did Troy Im not ashamed to say that i did. This man was our Elvis this man was our entertainment nobody nobody could do it like Mike nobody... I have to get some things off my chest about this give the lost I found it odd that radio's TV station began to pay homage to the King Of Pop why does someone have to die for them to be of importance . Michael had his share of media and tabloids literally chewing and spitting him out. Out of bit of rage i had at the time i blame his death on that . My sister had to reassure me about his poor health not going to lie it is a sad truth. I havent cried over a celeberty since Aaliyah died and that then too was a major blow.

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