Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do's And Don'ts When Talking To A Lady

Everyday guys we suffer from what I like to call "WACK GAME" hear me out please I mean this with all sincerity I have seen this WACK GAME from guys from Yo Mama or whats good ma. Dude foreal how many Mama's do you need in life. So here some Do's Don'ts when talking to a lady.


Don't ever in your life make an attempt to use pick up lines my god
I believe women have them known all to well

Don't start off a conversation being the jerk you might not be one but
you are not giving any good tell tell signs of your character
of you truly are. And trust me women find that very immature

Don't over sell yourself
If your sentence begins with I and ends with Me she won't
like you . Don't get me wrong you got have confidence but let
don't let that kill you too.

Don't sugar coat about your job
If your a Man Secretary and making money doing it
by all means do you pimpin. But don't sit there and say what
you want to do lol .

Don't over express your opinion about her topic of choice
I will admit that has been a fault of mine lol .
If a woman tells you that she thinks football is overrated.
It is been said before it is best to agree then to disagree.

Don't come at a girl without these things
Good Head on shoulders
Most importantly personality.


Do be yourself my god if you know your not Usher nor LL or not
even remotely close try being you for 600 Alex

Do be a gentlemen at all times
I have to say some women unfortunately don't know this because they have not been shown
the ways of the Jedi.
Open doors , Say Hi and Bye, Stand when ever a she comes in the room, Give a compliment about hair even help with her chair treat her like a lady.

Do be honest
Tell the truth about yourself why you are talking to her
Don't Mili Vanili the girl ok .

Approach the girl with hello
Women hate :
Hey Ma (Even tho that was a mega hit in 2000 something)
Yo whats really good
they don't know whats good you could be talking about the sky all they know(not bashing you ladies)
Yo come here
you come there shoot she ain't Scooby
You know a simple hello how are you doing goes
a long way .

Ask her what she does
Its ok to ask about them just don't grill'em
Know that she must posses great qualities as well

Thank her
Corny maybe but she just gave 30 seconds to hours of her time
It shows good character and it also shows your taking to heart that
she is not into you lol.

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