Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Oh Love Stop Making a Idiot Out of Me!!!!

You ever been in a sticky "EX" situation? You don't know what an ''EX'' situation is? Ha Ha let me tell its simple when you and significant other are no longer together there is that time you have where you don't see each for a fairly long time until you see them out of the blue how do you react :

A. Go on about your way but say hi

B. Ask he or her out to dinner

C. Act as if they are not there

If you picked "A" good job that means that person was not a need
in your life more so a want

If picked "B" wrong well second thought it can be wrong or right
lets start the WRONG first pending on two things how you feel about the person
if your feelings are still there and theirs are not , not really a terrific look
second if you all did not end well not good combo there my friend
Here is the RIGHT .
There is no law in this world that says you can't take them out however be smart
and mature about your decision.

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