Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Ways

Somebody once told me "You Know Tony where you are life might as well brake open a safe and pull a gun out and shoot yourself in the face... Wicked hit at my already low self-esteem lol . I can put that on my list of "The Worst Put Downs" I heard in life. Maybe that person was right well not about the whole gun thing I dont think the good lord has called my cell phone yet. I'm 22 years old key word old iam getting older. Some say Iam an over achiever i believe but growing up I never really heard to much encouragement now i didnt live in the slums of DC or slept in alleys eating porking beans(which are very nasty by the way). I had mom and dad who did their best for my sister and I . Who am I kidding Ive pretty much pist everything away except my dreams of being a WWE Wrestler or Radio Host lol those are only dreams . I need to make a dramatic change in life desperatratly. I cant stand being a bum on a illegal hitch hiker street buming a ride. Life Is So Great..... I think? lol Its funny when people tell you things that they think wow this might light a fire under Tony's butt . Yeah i fart on fires lol I had to say that. Iam keeping my ways because my ways keep me going. Do I sometimes fall off the band wagon yeah sometimes more then none but none the less I know what has to happen to make dreams reality. I know my purpose in life and that is entertain you all the people I cant think of any other job Iam good at besides my dreams I couldn't see myself in a cubacle no diss to my cubecal nation out there but yeah thats not me . Laughs and smiles fuel my spirit corny and cliche` i know but thats the way My Ways is.

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