Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God's Greates gift .... A woman

I think well i believe at one time we as men would put women on a pedestal . We would open doors treat them with the up most respect help her with her light a cigarette if she would smoke (OK OK I know lyrics Treat Her Like A Lady Song) but past that what happen now a days we forget the importance of the well being. Every man knows the greatest gift that god made was two things and this just me life and a woman plain and simple yeah sure birds and bees and blah blah but no seriously that was a gift and now a days it seems that some women are losing there shine do to our behavior. In life we always been told to be a gentlemen its not corny its not weird its actually what some women now days only ask for . So please take out well heck time should not be of importance everyday be thankful for all the women in your life whether they are SISTERS,COUSINS,AUNTS,IN-LAWS,GRANDMOTHERS,STEP-MOTHERS,AND EVEN MOTHERS. Respect for all things in a woman should never ever go un looked . The greatest gift in this world ..... A woman

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