Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Bye Grandma Sept. 21, 1909 - Apr. 2, 2009

You started your day with a cup of coffee plain I might add and the Washington Post
You put your paper down when ever I would wake up you lean over chair and ask ...... "How's Grandma's boy!" I would reply "I'm good grandma I'm hungry". You were never mad at me for all the times I would jump off every piece of furniture you had in your house you would just say to yourself well I know what he is going to be when he grows... A wrestler. We would share joy never sadness we share positives never negatives we would share thoughts never setbacks you loved us all. However I heard you put in an application for heaven and I also found out you were hired . But the shame of it all was that you never put in your two weeks notice here. The shined bright the next morning I guess that was a sign that you had made it . I miss you so much grandma I love you today tomorrow and forever.

Your Grand boy(LiL Tony)

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