Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Finally Got It 4/14/2009

Who in the world would've thunk it.. Tony Johnson Jr. my own blog happily in titled THEY LOVE ME THEY LOVE NOT the title fits well with my life trust me Iam loved one day and hated the next . In this blog I'll share my trials, ups, down, around, left, and right basically in a nut shell ... My life! Woo. This is not your daily gossip blog that stuff aint happening. On this blog I state my opinion on cetain topics so please down the guns and blades. This blog may impower you, entertain you, upset you, sadden you, and for the cub worker / office nation this is a great way to past the time I will write alot trust me . And if you ever want to drop I don't say like a note um maybe a letter e-mail prehaps? No pressure at all just feel free to email me and oh yeah e-mail is on the top so don't play dumb. But besides that enjoy .

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