Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies Cry In The Dark

If your a Tony head lol and you have read my blog I had posted on Myspace you would know what subject Iam getting into next.... As you all are aware of the media talking about the Chris Brown and Rhianna situation . Because of that one situation which I feel is a VERY BIG situation it brought light Young Domestic Abuse against women. Its out there folks and it is a subject more so hits the young community everyday. The Justice Department has estimated 90% of young women deal with this violence everyday and the sad part of it all is that 1 in 3 people know of someone that is in the same situation. Those are all facts. Now here comes Tony uh hm. This subject is something I feel so sadden about specially that it being done to women younger or older perhaps the same as I. It is a shame for any woman to come out of the dark and dry the tears and get help Iam working on developing an organization to help those women who are fighting this struggle. I believe a mans number one problem is their insecurities is a leading cause to alot of abuse,and jealousy is another one. Those are two important ones .

Ladies it is strength is so important to have within yourself
there is no such thing as I can't because you can. You owe a man two
things your love and support nothing else. If you allow him to have anything
else in your life other than those two things, such as your choice of friends family job . You have lost the battle. And your strength will stop like a heart attack.


We live in a democracy so there is no reason why
Joey Aint nothing should not be answering your phone or dictating who you are talking to.

Your reasons in life a.k.a. FRIENDS AND FAMILY
Do you let Johnny Aint great pick your life?
I'll take no for 600 Alex ladies and fellas too (just for this input only sorry guys)
The fact is known that friends and family alike were there before and will be there after
He is not FIDEL CASTRO he can not tell you it is time to go.


When I say the man Iam not talking about THE WHITE man Obama is in house so that
saying no longer exist .
Ladies no one in life can ever put a claim on you
You are not owned for Pete sake so get tattoo off your chest please
Unless Joey Aint tough is Christ the lord and can make water in to wine or
a cake into a shake don't let it happen to you.


This is self esteem talk so wake your self esteem up because if its asleep
that's open season for a Joey Has Nothing to lay his head down.

Ladies this goes with what i spoke about with strength
You can't let this happen if a you are on a 200
Johnny Hope has to be on a 200 too . Foundation is key to have with yourself
and him.

Hopefully you follow my keys they were funny I know but they are the god honest truth . Speaking of god ladies in the that abusive struggle he has not forgotten about you . Get help pray
it works because if it didn't well I wouldn't be making this blog which is wicked cool by the way (Thank You Lord) lol I got you laughing now but prayer is serious and through you will find will and strength to get help . This my vision and that is to reach out to those who need help ladies all races and backgrounds and religion. God knows the fight . This a number to call and to be dead honest with they don't even know my name nor know of my reason for doing all of this (funny right) (Shaking my head ) Anyways if you are in this struggle or if you know someone who is call this number 1800-799-SAFE (7233). And before I go like i stated before Iam trying to start an organization for this cause it is called W.D.H.A. (WOMEN DON'T HURT ANYMORE)

Stay True stay you

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