Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The DMV it is the be all and end all of all cars here in VA sad to say they are well in my opinion are end all . From the long lines to the nasty asssociates (yeah I know extra "S" there but that's how I feel) to the 3 hour waits. We hate it . Like today I tried for the first time sad to say to get my now dead and still here tags on my car. I kindly stood in line thinking hey got just got paid i can knock this out be on my way home until I saw coke bottle glasses wonder behind the desk ........."DAMN" I thought let me tell you something ever since I was 16 this lady has been giving me so much agony i got arthritis in my eyes just looking at them big old glasses. So i "Pleaded my case" about my dead and still here tags . I gave her some cheap story you could buy at your nearest Walmart about have not driven the vehicle in a year do to "Maintenance issues" and the lady must've thought I was deaf or capable of not hearing when shouted out loud "WE GAVE YOU THIS LAST YEAR" It took god and my grandmother god rest her soul to not knock where she stood now I know that's not nice and I know "Tony why haven't you taken care of it?" I just haven't plain and simple . LoL but anyways of course she would give me a number that would not be called for another 3 hours so I walked out. Until next time uh hm tomorrow lol i will take care of this. But like i said DMV is a final resting place they ask everything from License of course heck they even ask this couple for their marriage license sick world we live in I tell you.

If i ever get rich so stinking crazy rich so rich when I go to use the bathroom I crap quarters Iam going to buy that DMV and the first thing I do Iam going to is ugh man just man I don't know what to say lol Iam just blowing hot air right now.

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