Friday, April 17, 2009

The Days I use to love you?

Ex boyfriends and Ex girlfriends some hold us back
some we let go but through all of that it is up to us yes?

There are many times in which they can't let go and that sucks
first you say nicely no!!!! then you say again no!!!! then again you say look foreal
ummmmm noooo!!!!!

But then there are some that we can let go but we choose not to
why? Do we think they might change? Maybe but who do they change for
themselfs or you? Or is it love? And this true about men and women
sometimes we can be grimey and keep them along for entertainment
or we can keep them along to sooth our ego or to show we have it like that.
I kid you not that happens to some if not many.

Its a sad case when you know that your feelings are no longer there and that person is desperatly in love with you. If you have one of those "BUGA POMP" you know the ones that call the cell 16 times saying "Yo baby I'm sorry" and for unlawful reason can't catch clue if it was a disease that your not into them anymore.

Or maybe lady that puts on my acts then a show at the APOLLO
about why you aren't together

People these are called "NEEDERS" they didn't want you
they needed you and thats a problem.

Another problem is that you keep going fishing in the same old pond
don't hate metaphor as corny and as cliche` as it may sound. If they can't change and you know he or her aren't trying. Then let them think for themselfs .

It pains us all to see them in the shape they are in and you might feel a bit responsible. But it is
for the best.

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  1. Tony, I feel the same way. I can say a million things about this topic but I would go on and on!